Beaches, Amusements and Arcades

In 1902, according to the Great Southern Railway guide

Four thousand visitors were attracted to Tramore to avail of the beach and the amenities of the town. Visitors to Tramore availed of the healthful benefits of sea air and also the benefits from the spa facilities in the town which had more than one public baths. Hot and cold showers and reclining sea water baths were available from Morrissey’s and Chapman’s public baths. Doctors often prescribed a healthful trip to Tramore for the sea air and spa facilities. Excavations for an Esplanade began in 1874 and in 1914 a concrete promenade, which still stands today, was built to provide visitors and locals with a healthful walk beside the fresh sea air.

Tramore FunfairFor the more lively visitors Tramore provided amusements. The amusement rides first visited Tramore in 1895 and returned in 1900. In the early years of the twentieth century Pipers Amusement visited Tramore most frequently. In 1908 Bill Piper brought funfair attractions which included swing boats and the ‘Helter Skelter Light House’ which stood at 51 feet in the air and was the main attraction at the Tramore Carnival and Fancy Fair.[6]

In 1914 Tramore was able to provide visitors and locals with a picture house, concert and dancing pavilions and merry-go-round. The Tramore Amusement Company provided canvas beach seats for hire and the Tramore Concert and Amusements Committee, managed by Richard Sharples, provided the Uneeda Concert Hall. In 1919 Emily Piper took over from the Tramore Amusement Company and opened the Atlantic Dance Hall. Emily Piper further developed the town by providing an Amusement Park.[7]

By 1944 the Irish Tourist Authority reported that the Strand Road Amusements included a roulette house, slot machines and shooting galleries. Visitors to the town could enjoy the amusements and also the dances and music at the dance halls of the Silver Slipper and the Atlantic. Until 1960 visitors from Waterford could travel by train to the dances on a combined train and dance ticket and return worn out on the last train at 3am.

The importance of tourism to Tramore town lead to the holding of a Special Meeting in 1956 of the Tramore Town Commissioners with members of Waterford County Council, national tourism authority Bord Fáilte and local interest groups. This group of interested parties became Tramore Fáilte in 1963. Tramore Fáilte provided new facilities and amenities to visitors. The development of facilities and of the town has continued to be the goal of people in Tramore, most recently with the provision of a Skateboard Park in 2007.

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[7] Waterford County Council Rate Book, Tramore Electoral District 1918-1936, Waterford County Archives Service

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