National Childcare Strategy

What is the National Childcare Strategy?

The Office of the Minister for Children(OMC) is responsible for the National Childcare Strategy 2006-2010

The key objective of the National Childcare Strategy is to further develop the childcare infrastructure to meet the needs of children and their parents for quality early childhood care.

It is anticipated that the Programme will create up to 40,000 new childcare places, with the objective of assisting parents to access affordable, quality childcare.

The Childcare Investment Programme  provides Community Childcare Subvention Scheme to community-based childcare services.  These grants enable those services to provide childcare at a reduced cost to parents.

The OMC supports a network of 33 Local City and County Childcare Committees.  These provide a valuable resource for parents seeking information on childcare.

For further information on the National Childcare Strategy 2006-2010 please go to or call into our office for information.


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